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The Science of Internet Comments

— DNews —

It seems like if you go to the YouTube comments of any video, most people seem to be rude. Is there scientific proof that YouTube commenters are unusually mean? Tara examines a new study that compared the comments on YouTube to the comments on other video streaming websites.


How to Shoot Gigantic Fireballs - Speed Shooter Ep. 1

— DigitalRev TV —

Speed Shooter: a brand new series of vids where we take one super cool fast moving subject and freeze frame them into a ferocious sequential burst of photo goodness…the subject for the first vid - a fireball!

A Baffling Balloon Behavior - Smarter Every Day 113

— SmarterEveryDay —

What’s remarkable about this experiment is that the balloon’s behavior seems completely counterintuitive to what we’ve been conditioned […]

vinyl terror and horror

— eerdeherrie —

vinyl terror and horror


How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit from on Vimeo.

You might know how to make a mountain bike film but do you know how to make a sick edit?

Created by Matt Dennison

esquilo vermelho em Mindelo

— Miguel Maia —


— Dagfinn Ellefsen —

The bikelift “The CycloCable” is situated in Trondheim, Norway. Experience the world`s first bikelift. -

What Does Sound Look Like?

— NPR —

You can actually see sound waves as they travel through the air thanks to a clever photographic trick. Twitter: @cadamole @nprscience Produced by Adam Cole Hands shot by Meg Vogel Schlieren images provided by Mike Hargather ( Amber Kates Bobby Gold J. W. Tang, A. Nicolle and J. Pantelic

York cyclists

— CarefulCyclist —

York cyclists breaking every rule in the Highway Code.